To be a Mom

after long time i’m not write anything and i miss it…

what happend to me?
yessss i’m pregnant, soon i would to be a mommy.
i’m happy? ofcourse.
my husband and all of my family they did.

Now i’m pregnant in 30weeks, it’s mean…. as soon as possible i will to be a complete woman.
many feels, many happyness, many worries but i suer this is the one of many thing that make me happy. this is give from god.
and i’m so thaksfull.



Incredible Journey Nusa Lembongan,Bali (23 October 2014)

Bali is not only about Kuta, Ubud, legian, Seminyak. when you want to explore more about Bali you could found Incredoble Journey Like i did.

This begin when my husband said, if he go to Bali, he want to do Cliff jumping at Lembongan island. yei This is One of three island outside of Bali. They are, Nusa lembongan, Nusa ceningan and Nusa penida.

We Start from Sanur Beach, Actuallu You Can use to cross from Benoa with Bali hai But this is need more Time For cross about 1 Hour, but if you cross from Sanur Beach Just needed 30 or 40 minutes and get  less price for the boat. one person IDR 150.000 For Go and return. and the Time  for return By request. Time Operasional boat From Bali Start at 8 A.M and The last Cross with the boat from Lembongan At 15.30 PM.

If you want Stay in lembongan and more explore This place it impossible to find something more interesting than i can, beause in there many bungalow, hotels and losmen and many travel service offering water sport.


-on the boat-



First destination could you see in this place is, Mushroom beach.  The boat stop here and later when going back we awaited boat here too.


Welcome To Nusa lembongan guys 😉

-Mushroom beach, nusa lembongan, Bali-



For Explore This Place You just can ride with Motorcycle, and for this is not to worry. many who rent motorcycle with a starting pRice IDR 50.000 and i got it!!!!.

This island is  not Big island, so whereever you go you will find beach with light blue water altought lembongan has a bad way but don’t worry it;s doesn’t matter because the view is very beuatiful.

My destination is Cliff Jumping and this place there is Nusa ceningan. interesting, Ceningan Can be Reached Just by passing The yellow bridge.

waw… it’s so cool

– Bridge to Nusa ceningan-


and first time i saw it, i just can say to my husband “this is beautiful but No!!! you couldn’t Jump”

Look! this very beautiful view. and i was there.





my husband really wanted to jumping down but, Unfortunatelly he couldn’t do it.  According to the information the tide was high and much too dangerouse to jump.




After full with Take the picture in Cliff Jumping, Nusa ceningan, i think i’m hungry LOL.

Along the Way in lembongan and ceningan many cafe s that have great views but we we hace chosen  Dream Beach in lembongan.

Lunch and you can relax with the sun, and view the beautiful Beach. it’s so perfect!




And the most unfortunated thing  is I CAN”T WEAR MY BIKINI.

That’s It.



One day in lembongan is not Enough, i have not been explore the beach more and the sport Water.

Some day i’ll be there again.


BALI Honeymoon Day (22- 25 october 2014)

Hello bali….. how are you? Waw long time no see…..
And now i’m back with my husband.
Oke, i’m start from international juanda airport flight to denpasar bali at early morning. We used citilink airlines and i think this is a recommended airlines for you’re that want to go with backpacker. (althought Backpacker not used a plane for they transportation, LOL)

My husband had a lot plans for this hollyday. He wants to lovina beach, saw dolphins. And to lembongan for clief jumping. And i’m? Ohh ofcourse i wants go to sukowati market to.


at first night, we just walk arround the kuta beach, because our hotel in legian areas.
Taken picture in front of the most icon in kuta beside absolutelly the beach, and the other icon i mean is “hard rock” with the tittle “hardrock bali”. Beside buying some funny stuff.


 The most fun thing for me while in Bali is, waliking down to the street legian. right and leaf filled with shop, pup, cafe and of course “Bule”.

Very Crowded but we just can only see it in Bali.

And The most Monument In bali is “Monument Bom Bali” . The place that has adark history but  could make all the tourists to see this place.


Kuta, legian, poppies line i think this the most mainstream place in bali. every tourist domestic or international they are always search this place.
Many cafe, many hotels, many people of course.


And in second day,
We saw the sunset in kuta, everyone want to saw sunset in kuta.
Went in bali on weekdays so bali not so crowded and made me enjoy with this moment. My husband? Waw he’s very had a best feeling if he hold the camera.
He is just said” waw many moment i can capture” and i? LOL just take photo from my handphone, upload to my social media and enjoy the atmosphere in the beach, while my husband was busy with his camera butwe glad can be there together for first time.




Third day….
BENOA water sport.
Yeiiii we want to playing.
My husband want to dive, and i said yes when asked, even though i can’t swim. Lol
Unfortunately i don’t so diving because, i was too panicked to get into the water. But i get to capture a photo as if i had been diving.




If departure we choose a plane, the return we try something else.we used train to back home.
With route.
First you we buy ticket  train in station train everywhere, bali denpasar to surabaya.
We picked up bus from KAI this is railway companies. From ubung terminal. Go to  gilimanuk  about 2,5 hours.
After gilimanuk and then croos by boat at ketapang harbor banyuwangi about 40 minutes.
We’re driven to the stasion which is only 300meters from the harbor. And it took 6 hours to get a gubeng station from banyuwangi baru station.


And you know when we are come back home in 25th october this my birthday, and in the 2Am i get surprised from my husband , he took my best friends who lives in bali. Comes to hotel room, bring a cake sandwhich.
Veryyyyy surprised!!!!!


i’m very Thanksfull for my Husband for this journey.

and i was happy at my age 28, and was complate by being a wife.

i’m not old school wife

To be a wife it’s doesn’t we just stay at home, cook, cleaning home everyday, treat husband like a someone thet we can;t do anything.


To be a wife is a Great Chooise. I choose resign from my office and then follow my husband at the town where he work, i think this is not a something that shameful. When i’m be housewife i can still do anything. That the people think, i can’t get a money beauce i’m a jobless. please open your mind. to be a wife is a Great JOB. Beside i’m a house wife for my family, i’m a bussiness woman too. so, don’t think if i be a housewife i’ll be a wife that old school. oh my god! i’m a modern wife. LOL.

happy life is love

Java Wedding Celebration

After “akad Nikah”when process very sacral, i choose a celebration with ” Traditional Java themes:. My husband is first son in his family, and my parent in law want to celebrated with their friends and all big family,in addition it is alittle more culture that deserve to be prounded. this Celebration we called ” NGUNDUH MANTU”. When a proces family of husband received we are as a new wed couple after the proces ” Akad nikah” in my house as a bride.


This Traditional Java Celebrated Ngunduh mantu is very entertaining for me. this is first time and once time in a lifetime. i often see this proces, but when i did this proces i just cand said: “WAW… this is truly my wedding party”. and i’m very Thanks full to my Husban Family for this celebrated.


My Traditional Java celebrated Used “Jawa Jogja” it’s mean i used “Paes Ageng Jogja”. Start from the make-up, dress that we used, decorations in the building very full of java themes. and i love it. why i choose Red dress and red colour for this theme, because this colour very beuatiful for my theme, traditional jaca celebrated.

Can YOU see it??



And traditional java.



i’m used paes ageng with hijab style.

A Lifetime Commitment

Banyak cerita dan rasa di pernikahan saya.. enggak banyak banyak banget tapi juga enggak sedikit. tergantung bagaimanan nanti saya menjabarkan panjang dan lebarnya.

Yang jelas, this wedding will be a lifetime commitment with ilham ardhi nugroho.

we call this process with “Akad Nikah” (because i’m muslim). process when the groom say “ijab qobul” like :”saya terima nikahnya…… dengan mas kawin…. dibayar tunai” . maybe this this like when a person with christian religion say wedding vows in  chapel. this moment was held with a simple but attended by family and close friends. and i prefer things like this.

when it is very sacred and me cry (also my aunty she was cryed). because my mother couldn’t be there when the moment, and my father absolutely he saw from the heaven. but i think this is a way for me to get a new family. whit my husband adn my mother and father in low. i feel very blessed whit this moment.

i called this the start of a lifetime commitment.


Busyness in October

halo October…..

How’re you? kali ini saya mau nulis pakai bahasa Indonesia aja ya. hahahaha gak osk sok an kayak biasanya yang pakai bahasa Inggris. Bukannya apa apa, selama ini sok- inggris karena saya juga lagi belajar. Ya pingin lah punya teman orang inggris yang bisa diajak mengasah kemampuan, alhamdilillah dapet lah walau satu atau dua.

By the way, what happent in this october? yes, i was a bit busy for my wedding.

yeiiiiii akhirnyaaaaaa

segera saya akan menceritakan  how deep i’m happy with this october. tentang akad nikah, resepsi ngunduh mantu dan the journey my honeymoon.


walau mungkin yang baca atau yang lihat blog saya gak ada, selalin saya sendiri. tapi, menulis itu adalah kebahagiaan. konon sih sejak dahulu sekolah saya rajin banget mengarang indah pastinya sesuai EYD. semakin besar merasa semakin kurang mendalami lagi apa itu EYD. LOL…


see u in the other story guys…