nekad “traveler” in Yogyakarta and solo (9-10 November 2013)


The final post from my last weekend  (9-10 november 2013)
last weekend I had a wonderful vacation with my boyfriend ( eventually ,
I could be called ex – boyfriend boyf again ) .
yes , we had a trip to the solo and Yogyakarta , Java , Indonesia .
everything I did in the 9 November 2013 was a spontaneous act .
Bocking only for train tickets to arrive and departure , my boyf Bocking ticket to hotel and we had a quality time .
The first day arriving at the station Solo “Solo Balapan” .
after 3 weeks we don’t meet and this is the first day I saw him in the hotel lobby .
he smiled at me and we decided to have lunch at the mall “solo paragon ” ( yes the hotel and mall in the same place ) .
we ‘ve got stories on how to travel  , how my office and how we have lost each other .
which makes this meet so amazing is that before we didn’t have the commitment and the opportunity we are both aware ,what should we do because we know what we feel .
And that afternoon we decided to drive around town with a rickshaw or javanis called “becak” and another oneI love this moment . I thought a long time not doing interesting things with him .
He loves photography and you know I like to do something like the model .
And suddenly she said ” how yogyakarta ? ” ( Yogyakarta is a traditional town in Java Indonesia ,
if we go to Yogyakarta only takes 1.5 hours by bus ) . and of course I said, ” okay .. let’s go !” .

here I’m
I don’t know why I love this city .
This city has a culture that is still awake from the government and society .
the way we translate the name ” Java script ” ( written in java )  and the people are very friendly and polite .
In Jogja we make a story (again) we walked along Malioboro street (one of famous place in jogja and if you would visit to jogja, malioboro must in top list) ,we buy something from the gift actually Yogja and we have phoro sesion in place that iconic of Yogyakarta .
This is malioboro crossstreet under way  there is a building ” BNI ” ,and many people like to shoot there, domestic touris or international touris.unfortunately I was not able to visit  to the icon of Yogyakarta is ” TUGU Yogja ” .
after we had a photo shot in Jogja , we try to eat something which is so famous in jogja .
he called ” stir stir firecrackers/oseng oseng mercon ” . a combination of beef and spicy seasoning .this is recommended if you really like the taste of food is very spicy .
although still want to linger long in jogja in the middle of the night we must returned to the solo with bus.

bye jogja.. see u soon with a great story.
day I went home with him at the same train ride, we chose the economic train. and once again I really like this trip. Another time we agreed we would make the trip both again, bagpacker party, using minimal transport but we will be using a comfortable stay and I am certainly a more attractive destination.

I have been having to say goodbye .
I don’t want to let go home , I want more time with him but I knew we had a job in each city in which we live .
one day and one night with him . we make the story his own .
spontaneous and awesome moments .
and I think everything that we thought this was a crazy thing fatherly done but if we do the heart must be made ??happy.
because we love each other.


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