Banyuwangi trip with IIDI (24-25 november 2013)


I love traveling .
whatever we go , whatever we do , anything where the next destination and nothing more .
24-25 November 2013 and I have been traveling with IIDI ( Ikatan istri dokter Indonesia ) and the best partner ever go to Banyuwangi , East Java, Indonesia. IIDI is Association of Indonesian Doctors Wife in Surabaya , easy java , Indonesia .
They are a big woman with fashionable style , with updates gadgets , with their own style but they are so friendly with each other and members and actually their husband’s job is a doctor .

This is the event that they have every year . and for this year they want to go to banyuwangi . Surabaya we went by train and takes 6 hours to get there . In banyuwangi we have stayed at ” HOTEL KETAPANG INDAH ” . The hotel is very close to the port ketapang , ketapang ports connecting the island of Java to Bali island , across the straits of Bali and u only need less than an hour .
Waw … The first time there this place is so amazing , the lobby with natural design , and conttage to another cottage and filled with green gras , a place so greenny . and a place for breakfast directly overlooking the sea , and  if  sunrise cooming u can to see the sun come up from the island of Bali BEAUTIFUL . this place so recommended for those of you who do a road trip before or after from bali island. just stay one night and believe me your energy could recharge.


I had visited the native tribes of Banyuwangi, the tribe “Osing”. The tribe has a different pronunciation while writing his words together with Indonesian in general. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the tripI don’t have time to dig deeper.this is for your Infromasion.

And the next destination for a vacation is ” RED ISLAND BEACH ” , this beach we can go 2 hours from Ketapang Indah Hotel .
red island beach has good waves beacuse it is right on the edge of the Indian Ocean . we can see the island with red soil ,beautiful waves, the white sands wawww i’m crazy for photoshoot in there.


2 day one night i think never enough for trip in banyuwangi, many beautiful place i haven’t visited, maybe next time i will explore this place with my boyf.
when i visited banyuwnagi, he so jealous and are eager to explor banyuwangi.

Always smile with your journey guys,
and let’s open your map and lose to somewhere.



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