Beautiful beaches In pacitan Indonesia (28 december 2013)


the end of 2013 I had a family vacation with my boyfriend .
this is the frist time I’m going with them , and we went to the ” Klayar BEACH ” Pacitan , East Java , Indonesia .
Pacitan is the hometown of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono presidency ,
believe not because he is the president of the republic of Indonesia many people are curious about this district because
cultural or tourism purposes .
Pacitan is a small town in East Java , and we called regency pacitan.located District in East Java Province southwestern part
, With Central Java Province on its western flank . Located between 7.55 ° – 8.17 ° S and 110.55 ° – 111.25 ° E.
Border Pacitan is : Wonogiri ( Central Java ) in the west , Ponorogo and Wonogiri
in the north , the District of Psychology in the east, and the Indian Ocean in the south . Pacitan is the capital city of Pacitan .
The majority of residents in Pacitan Java language as their first language ,
when speaking Indonesian as a second language .

Many beautiful beaches in pacitan and one of them is :
Teleng Ria Beach , Pancer Beach, Srau , Watu Beach Bag and at the end of last year I went to the ” Klayar Beach ”
Trust me this place is very beautiful ,

the sea is so blue and you can boundary between the sea and the sky are only separated by one line .
which have sea dark blue and bright sky blue color .

It’s a trip to the beach is long , from my town madiun takes approximately 4 hours.but believe all
pays off when you see this beach .
Maybe if you go to Indonesia , Bali or Lombok run out circuitry are still many other beautiful beaches that you can visit .



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