My first mystical journey “Lawang sewu” (Semarang, 26 January 2014)


last weekend , I was traveling with my boyf to Semarang .
This is the capital of the province of Central Java, Indonesia .if you search on google about Semarang , most of you will find ” Lawang Sewu “.

and ,I finally had to go there.
I think this place is no mystic area , or in the forest , and is located in a quiet place is .but this is WRONG .
Lawang Sewu is located in the middle of the city , and it is called ” Area Of Tugu Muda ” there is the center of government buildings .


Tickets to enter Rp. 5,000 – Rp.10,000 . open daily from 06:00 AM  to 06:00 PM
every weekend you can tour in the middle of the night .
For tour guides you will have to pay Rp. 30,000 to all trip.
and if you want to travel under the ground you have to Pay for the ticket again Rp.10.000/person
and Rp. 20,000 for tour guides and you have to have a tour guide for this trip underground .

A brief history of Lawang sewu :
Lawang Sewu is one of the historic building that was built by the Dutch colonial administration , on February 27, 1904
Lawang Sewu is a building in Semarang , Central Java, which is the office of theNederlands – Indische Maatschappij or NIS Spoorweg . Built in 1904 and completed in 1907 .Located at the roundabout Tugu Muda formerly called Wilhelminaplein .

Local people call it Lawang Sewu ( Thousand Doors ) is because the building has a door that very much .In fact , there is not a door to a thousand . This building has many windows high and wide ,so people often take it as a door ( Lawang ) .

Lawang Sewu will also have underground space , which this room was used for torturing detainees .The extent of approximately 300 meters and has loromh hallway where , hallway hallway was in a relationship with torture chamber used for prisoners . There are several methods of torture , there are submerged in water without a piece clothes ,and there are in prison are standing . To stand in chamber 1m x 1m and is completed by 5-6 prisoners .



To be honest once entered this basement was scared . This is my first mystical journey .even when we’re passing through the hallway we have to go through a 1m x 1m square hole .
This is actually  very nice , because I am a coward so it really makes me quite setres time was on a trip underground .

there is also the top of the mace sewu, a spacious room which now doesn’t  contain ,if we want  to up  we need  climb the stairs.


This is also however the legacy of history and is now a tourist spot .
if you all to Indonesia and a visit to Semarang , Lawang sewu must exist in your list.

as I said earlier , Lawang  sewu was in the middle of town surrounded by government buildings ,
right in front of the building lawang sewu , there “Tugu Muda” . so the place is also close to other tourist attractions such as
“Simpang lima ” who became an icon of Semarang .



My boyfriend was really like photography, so when I travel with him ​​I feel have a personal photographer and was very enjoyable,all photos were taken by my boyfriend with phone sony xperia SP


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