if there is something else that is more than love I would do it


when I realized I love you so much , it’s not enough just I love you . if there is something else that is more than love I would do it . for some reason a lot of things that makes me love you even though sometimes critical nature that makes i think ” you don’t help me ” . You were a very loving person , you were good , you were always looking for a solution of any problem , you were not ever hesitate to ask for forgiveness when you feel wrong . when feeling miss me  you will say ” i miss you ” and when I say ” i love you dear ” you would say ” i love you more dear ” . may not be easy for some men to say it but you always say it all the time and I know that those words from your heart.

last week with  hugged me, you say ” I’m more confident with this relationship ” was too amazing , I know the whole of your heart you’ve given me and severity sometimes I still have fear if you would leave me .
I like this because maybe I don’tt want to lose you again . I used to never let go even leave but now I ‘ll never do it . If you ask me why I turn to you, why did I choose you I can’t answer with certainty because I find it hard to express what is in my heart . but certainly I love you . I will always love you . I would love to take care of later .


4 thoughts on “if there is something else that is more than love I would do it

  1. I did not want to say this on OMS blog
    Men and woman (all people) have such different ways.
    SOme speak a lot and dont think as much.
    Some know the right things to say and can not mean it. Some say the right things and mean it!
    Even what people DO – can be like that!
    It takes some time to know someone and be able to understand their actions and words.
    We can give up or we can know that we will sometimes feel hurt – but that MAYBE that person has felt hurt by us too. SOmetimes it is not like that and they are just a selfish person. There are ways to know if this is so. BUT it is important to first know what is important to them – it might not be the same as the things that are important to you!
    This is very true with in close relationships especially and very much with woman and men.
    There will usually be a leader (who normally is the man right!) and their role is different – so they do differently. Which is confusing when you do not understand WHY people do things.
    Sometimes it is good to learn to ask the right questions – and then wait for an answer – it is also f=good to say if something is upsetting you. But nor to blame them – to first say –
    ‘I do not understand – can you take time to help me to know you better so I see whay you do things?’ ‘I trust that you love me but sometimes I am confused if you do (whatever) because it is something that I have not learned about you yet’
    Especially a man – may need to have time to think how to answer you
    And of course – SOmetimes – we get our heart broken because we trust – but that is love and life
    Take care

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