Simple Mission in YOGYAKARTA (1-2 August 2014)

hellow jogya…


this is a second time i’ve been visit to yogjakarta, people Called “DIY/ daerah istimewa Yogyakarta”. nowday maybe many people know about yogyakarta, one of special city in central java, Indonesia. The proof is, when i’m in jogyakarta many internasional tourists and from variouse countrys and i’m happy because Indonesia been one of place for holliday destination.

date time is 2-3 August 2014 i’m visited jogya with my fiance :). and beside we wont to holliday that time we are hunt for souvenir for our wedding, and we also searched our wedding ring. and you know this is very entertaining. i love this journey in jogja. maybe i can show you all tourist attraction what i’ve visited.


This is name of street in jogja. This name “MALIOBORO” very famous destination for holliday beside Borobudur temple.  Along this street you could found people who selling their product from jogja. and i’m one of tourist domestic which make malioboro always in list destination when in jogja.



This is a one of existing fort in jogja, located in downtown jogja, be arround in icon of jogja malioboro and “0” KM.

0 km

this Fort opend until 5pm everyday.

vredeburg 2vredeburg 3vredeburg 1


in fact, this is just a place that sells food typical of jogja, but the special thing is, this place is very nuance of java.  ranging from the waiters, the language used, and decorations very identic with java.


i called this is “THE MOST ICON FOR JOGJA”. This monument very hectic in the night, when tourist come for photo beside this monument.

tugu jogja


this is a park legend,is told, place aking who had 40 concubines. when you came this place you can see  the bathing pool concubines, and home when they stayed.


In jOgyakarta many place that still retaint the original building and this is why, many tourist curios.


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