Java Wedding Celebration

After “akad Nikah”when process very sacral, i choose a celebration with ” Traditional Java themes:. My husband is first son in his family, and my parent in law want to celebrated with their friends and all big family,in addition it is alittle more culture that deserve to be prounded. this Celebration we called ” NGUNDUH MANTU”. When a proces family of husband received we are as a new wed couple after the proces ” Akad nikah” in my house as a bride.


This Traditional Java Celebrated Ngunduh mantu is very entertaining for me. this is first time and once time in a lifetime. i often see this proces, but when i did this proces i just cand said: “WAW… this is truly my wedding party”. and i’m very Thanks full to my Husban Family for this celebrated.


My Traditional Java celebrated Used “Jawa Jogja” it’s mean i used “Paes Ageng Jogja”. Start from the make-up, dress that we used, decorations in the building very full of java themes. and i love it. why i choose Red dress and red colour for this theme, because this colour very beuatiful for my theme, traditional jaca celebrated.

Can YOU see it??



And traditional java.



i’m used paes ageng with hijab style.


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