A Marriage Ceremony

Banyak cerita dan rasa di pernikahan saya.. enggak banyak banyak banget tapi juga enggak sedikit. tergantung bagaimanan nanti saya menjabarkan panjang dan lebarnya.

Yang jelas, this wedding will be a lifetime commitment with ilham ardhi nugroho.

we call this process with “Akad Nikah” (because i’m muslim). process when the groom say “ijab qobul” like :”saya terima nikahnya…… dengan mas kawin…. dibayar tunai” . maybe this this like when a person with christian religion say wedding vows in  chapel. this moment was held with a simple but attended by family and close friends. and i prefer things like this.

when it is very sacred and me cry (also my aunty she was cryed). because my mother couldn’t be there when the moment, and my father absolutely he saw from the heaven. but i think this is a way for me to get a new family. whit my husband adn my mother and father in low. i feel very blessed whit this moment.

i called this the start of a lifetime commitment.





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