BALI Honeymoon Day (22- 25 october 2014)

Hello bali….. how are you? Waw long time no see…..
And now i’m back with my husband.
Oke, i’m start from international juanda airport flight to denpasar bali at early morning. We used citilink airlines and i think this is a recommended airlines for you’re that want to go with backpacker. (althought Backpacker not used a plane for they transportation, LOL)

My husband had a lot plans for this hollyday. He wants to lovina beach, saw dolphins. And to lembongan for clief jumping. And i’m? Ohh ofcourse i wants go to sukowati market to.


at first night, we just walk arround the kuta beach, because our hotel in legian areas.
Taken picture in front of the most icon in kuta beside absolutelly the beach, and the other icon i mean is “hard rock” with the tittle “hardrock bali”. Beside buying some funny stuff.


 The most fun thing for me while in Bali is, waliking down to the street legian. right and leaf filled with shop, pup, cafe and of course “Bule”.

Very Crowded but we just can only see it in Bali.

And The most Monument In bali is “Monument Bom Bali” . The place that has adark history but  could make all the tourists to see this place.


Kuta, legian, poppies line i think this the most mainstream place in bali. every tourist domestic or international they are always search this place.
Many cafe, many hotels, many people of course.


And in second day,
We saw the sunset in kuta, everyone want to saw sunset in kuta.
Went in bali on weekdays so bali not so crowded and made me enjoy with this moment. My husband? Waw he’s very had a best feeling if he hold the camera.
He is just said” waw many moment i can capture” and i? LOL just take photo from my handphone, upload to my social media and enjoy the atmosphere in the beach, while my husband was busy with his camera butwe glad can be there together for first time.




Third day….
BENOA water sport.
Yeiiii we want to playing.
My husband want to dive, and i said yes when asked, even though i can’t swim. Lol
Unfortunately i don’t so diving because, i was too panicked to get into the water. But i get to capture a photo as if i had been diving.




If departure we choose a plane, the return we try something else.we used train to back home.
With route.
First you we buy ticket  train in station train everywhere, bali denpasar to surabaya.
We picked up bus from KAI this is railway companies. From ubung terminal. Go to  gilimanuk  about 2,5 hours.
After gilimanuk and then croos by boat at ketapang harbor banyuwangi about 40 minutes.
We’re driven to the stasion which is only 300meters from the harbor. And it took 6 hours to get a gubeng station from banyuwangi baru station.


And you know when we are come back home in 25th october this my birthday, and in the 2Am i get surprised from my husband , he took my best friends who lives in bali. Comes to hotel room, bring a cake sandwhich.
Veryyyyy surprised!!!!!


i’m very Thanksfull for my Husband for this journey.

and i was happy at my age 28, and was complate by being a wife.


Simple Mission in YOGYAKARTA (1-2 August 2014)

hellow jogya…


this is a second time i’ve been visit to yogjakarta, people Called “DIY/ daerah istimewa Yogyakarta”. nowday maybe many people know about yogyakarta, one of special city in central java, Indonesia. The proof is, when i’m in jogyakarta many internasional tourists and from variouse countrys and i’m happy because Indonesia been one of place for holliday destination.

date time is 2-3 August 2014 i’m visited jogya with my fiance :). and beside we wont to holliday that time we are hunt for souvenir for our wedding, and we also searched our wedding ring. and you know this is very entertaining. i love this journey in jogja. maybe i can show you all tourist attraction what i’ve visited.


This is name of street in jogja. This name “MALIOBORO” very famous destination for holliday beside Borobudur temple.  Along this street you could found people who selling their product from jogja. and i’m one of tourist domestic which make malioboro always in list destination when in jogja.



This is a one of existing fort in jogja, located in downtown jogja, be arround in icon of jogja malioboro and “0” KM.

0 km

this Fort opend until 5pm everyday.

vredeburg 2vredeburg 3vredeburg 1


in fact, this is just a place that sells food typical of jogja, but the special thing is, this place is very nuance of java.  ranging from the waiters, the language used, and decorations very identic with java.


i called this is “THE MOST ICON FOR JOGJA”. This monument very hectic in the night, when tourist come for photo beside this monument.

tugu jogja


this is a park legend,is told, place aking who had 40 concubines. when you came this place you can see  the bathing pool concubines, and home when they stayed.


In jOgyakarta many place that still retaint the original building and this is why, many tourist curios.

My first mystical journey “Lawang sewu” (Semarang, 26 January 2014)


last weekend , I was traveling with my boyf to Semarang .
This is the capital of the province of Central Java, Indonesia .if you search on google about Semarang , most of you will find ” Lawang Sewu “.

and ,I finally had to go there.
I think this place is no mystic area , or in the forest , and is located in a quiet place is .but this is WRONG .
Lawang Sewu is located in the middle of the city , and it is called ” Area Of Tugu Muda ” there is the center of government buildings .


Tickets to enter Rp. 5,000 – Rp.10,000 . open daily from 06:00 AM  to 06:00 PM
every weekend you can tour in the middle of the night .
For tour guides you will have to pay Rp. 30,000 to all trip.
and if you want to travel under the ground you have to Pay for the ticket again Rp.10.000/person
and Rp. 20,000 for tour guides and you have to have a tour guide for this trip underground .

A brief history of Lawang sewu :
Lawang Sewu is one of the historic building that was built by the Dutch colonial administration , on February 27, 1904
Lawang Sewu is a building in Semarang , Central Java, which is the office of theNederlands – Indische Maatschappij or NIS Spoorweg . Built in 1904 and completed in 1907 .Located at the roundabout Tugu Muda formerly called Wilhelminaplein .

Local people call it Lawang Sewu ( Thousand Doors ) is because the building has a door that very much .In fact , there is not a door to a thousand . This building has many windows high and wide ,so people often take it as a door ( Lawang ) .

Lawang Sewu will also have underground space , which this room was used for torturing detainees .The extent of approximately 300 meters and has loromh hallway where , hallway hallway was in a relationship with torture chamber used for prisoners . There are several methods of torture , there are submerged in water without a piece clothes ,and there are in prison are standing . To stand in chamber 1m x 1m and is completed by 5-6 prisoners .



To be honest once entered this basement was scared . This is my first mystical journey .even when we’re passing through the hallway we have to go through a 1m x 1m square hole .
This is actually  very nice , because I am a coward so it really makes me quite setres time was on a trip underground .

there is also the top of the mace sewu, a spacious room which now doesn’t  contain ,if we want  to up  we need  climb the stairs.


This is also however the legacy of history and is now a tourist spot .
if you all to Indonesia and a visit to Semarang , Lawang sewu must exist in your list.

as I said earlier , Lawang  sewu was in the middle of town surrounded by government buildings ,
right in front of the building lawang sewu , there “Tugu Muda” . so the place is also close to other tourist attractions such as
“Simpang lima ” who became an icon of Semarang .



My boyfriend was really like photography, so when I travel with him ​​I feel have a personal photographer and was very enjoyable,all photos were taken by my boyfriend with phone sony xperia SP

Beautiful beaches In pacitan Indonesia (28 december 2013)


the end of 2013 I had a family vacation with my boyfriend .
this is the frist time I’m going with them , and we went to the ” Klayar BEACH ” Pacitan , East Java , Indonesia .
Pacitan is the hometown of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono presidency ,
believe not because he is the president of the republic of Indonesia many people are curious about this district because
cultural or tourism purposes .
Pacitan is a small town in East Java , and we called regency pacitan.located District in East Java Province southwestern part
, With Central Java Province on its western flank . Located between 7.55 ° – 8.17 ° S and 110.55 ° – 111.25 ° E.
Border Pacitan is : Wonogiri ( Central Java ) in the west , Ponorogo and Wonogiri
in the north , the District of Psychology in the east, and the Indian Ocean in the south . Pacitan is the capital city of Pacitan .
The majority of residents in Pacitan Java language as their first language ,
when speaking Indonesian as a second language .

Many beautiful beaches in pacitan and one of them is :
Teleng Ria Beach , Pancer Beach, Srau , Watu Beach Bag and at the end of last year I went to the ” Klayar Beach ”
Trust me this place is very beautiful ,

the sea is so blue and you can boundary between the sea and the sky are only separated by one line .
which have sea dark blue and bright sky blue color .

It’s a trip to the beach is long , from my town madiun takes approximately 4 hours.but believe all
pays off when you see this beach .
Maybe if you go to Indonesia , Bali or Lombok run out circuitry are still many other beautiful beaches that you can visit .


Banyuwangi trip with IIDI (24-25 november 2013)


I love traveling .
whatever we go , whatever we do , anything where the next destination and nothing more .
24-25 November 2013 and I have been traveling with IIDI ( Ikatan istri dokter Indonesia ) and the best partner ever go to Banyuwangi , East Java, Indonesia. IIDI is Association of Indonesian Doctors Wife in Surabaya , easy java , Indonesia .
They are a big woman with fashionable style , with updates gadgets , with their own style but they are so friendly with each other and members and actually their husband’s job is a doctor .

This is the event that they have every year . and for this year they want to go to banyuwangi . Surabaya we went by train and takes 6 hours to get there . In banyuwangi we have stayed at ” HOTEL KETAPANG INDAH ” . The hotel is very close to the port ketapang , ketapang ports connecting the island of Java to Bali island , across the straits of Bali and u only need less than an hour .
Waw … The first time there this place is so amazing , the lobby with natural design , and conttage to another cottage and filled with green gras , a place so greenny . and a place for breakfast directly overlooking the sea , and  if  sunrise cooming u can to see the sun come up from the island of Bali BEAUTIFUL . this place so recommended for those of you who do a road trip before or after from bali island. just stay one night and believe me your energy could recharge.


I had visited the native tribes of Banyuwangi, the tribe “Osing”. The tribe has a different pronunciation while writing his words together with Indonesian in general. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the tripI don’t have time to dig deeper.this is for your Infromasion.

And the next destination for a vacation is ” RED ISLAND BEACH ” , this beach we can go 2 hours from Ketapang Indah Hotel .
red island beach has good waves beacuse it is right on the edge of the Indian Ocean . we can see the island with red soil ,beautiful waves, the white sands wawww i’m crazy for photoshoot in there.


2 day one night i think never enough for trip in banyuwangi, many beautiful place i haven’t visited, maybe next time i will explore this place with my boyf.
when i visited banyuwnagi, he so jealous and are eager to explor banyuwangi.

Always smile with your journey guys,
and let’s open your map and lose to somewhere.


nekad “traveler” in Yogyakarta and solo (9-10 November 2013)


The final post from my last weekend  (9-10 november 2013)
last weekend I had a wonderful vacation with my boyfriend ( eventually ,
I could be called ex – boyfriend boyf again ) .
yes , we had a trip to the solo and Yogyakarta , Java , Indonesia .
everything I did in the 9 November 2013 was a spontaneous act .
Bocking only for train tickets to arrive and departure , my boyf Bocking ticket to hotel and we had a quality time .
The first day arriving at the station Solo “Solo Balapan” .
after 3 weeks we don’t meet and this is the first day I saw him in the hotel lobby .
he smiled at me and we decided to have lunch at the mall “solo paragon ” ( yes the hotel and mall in the same place ) .
we ‘ve got stories on how to travel  , how my office and how we have lost each other .
which makes this meet so amazing is that before we didn’t have the commitment and the opportunity we are both aware ,what should we do because we know what we feel .
And that afternoon we decided to drive around town with a rickshaw or javanis called “becak” and another oneI love this moment . I thought a long time not doing interesting things with him .
He loves photography and you know I like to do something like the model .
And suddenly she said ” how yogyakarta ? ” ( Yogyakarta is a traditional town in Java Indonesia ,
if we go to Yogyakarta only takes 1.5 hours by bus ) . and of course I said, ” okay .. let’s go !” .

here I’m
I don’t know why I love this city .
This city has a culture that is still awake from the government and society .
the way we translate the name ” Java script ” ( written in java )  and the people are very friendly and polite .
In Jogja we make a story (again) we walked along Malioboro street (one of famous place in jogja and if you would visit to jogja, malioboro must in top list) ,we buy something from the gift actually Yogja and we have phoro sesion in place that iconic of Yogyakarta .
This is malioboro crossstreet under way  there is a building ” BNI ” ,and many people like to shoot there, domestic touris or international touris.unfortunately I was not able to visit  to the icon of Yogyakarta is ” TUGU Yogja ” .
after we had a photo shot in Jogja , we try to eat something which is so famous in jogja .
he called ” stir stir firecrackers/oseng oseng mercon ” . a combination of beef and spicy seasoning .this is recommended if you really like the taste of food is very spicy .
although still want to linger long in jogja in the middle of the night we must returned to the solo with bus.

bye jogja.. see u soon with a great story.
day I went home with him at the same train ride, we chose the economic train. and once again I really like this trip. Another time we agreed we would make the trip both again, bagpacker party, using minimal transport but we will be using a comfortable stay and I am certainly a more attractive destination.

I have been having to say goodbye .
I don’t want to let go home , I want more time with him but I knew we had a job in each city in which we live .
one day and one night with him . we make the story his own .
spontaneous and awesome moments .
and I think everything that we thought this was a crazy thing fatherly done but if we do the heart must be made ??happy.
because we love each other.