Simple Mission in YOGYAKARTA (1-2 August 2014)

hellow jogya…


this is a second time i’ve been visit to yogjakarta, people Called “DIY/ daerah istimewa Yogyakarta”. nowday maybe many people know about yogyakarta, one of special city in central java, Indonesia. The proof is, when i’m in jogyakarta many internasional tourists and from variouse countrys and i’m happy because Indonesia been one of place for holliday destination.

date time is 2-3 August 2014 i’m visited jogya with my fiance :). and beside we wont to holliday that time we are hunt for souvenir for our wedding, and we also searched our wedding ring. and you know this is very entertaining. i love this journey in jogja. maybe i can show you all tourist attraction what i’ve visited.


This is name of street in jogja. This name “MALIOBORO” very famous destination for holliday beside Borobudur temple.  Along this street you could found people who selling their product from jogja. and i’m one of tourist domestic which make malioboro always in list destination when in jogja.



This is a one of existing fort in jogja, located in downtown jogja, be arround in icon of jogja malioboro and “0” KM.

0 km

this Fort opend until 5pm everyday.

vredeburg 2vredeburg 3vredeburg 1


in fact, this is just a place that sells food typical of jogja, but the special thing is, this place is very nuance of java.  ranging from the waiters, the language used, and decorations very identic with java.


i called this is “THE MOST ICON FOR JOGJA”. This monument very hectic in the night, when tourist come for photo beside this monument.

tugu jogja


this is a park legend,is told, place aking who had 40 concubines. when you came this place you can see  the bathing pool concubines, and home when they stayed.


In jOgyakarta many place that still retaint the original building and this is why, many tourist curios.


Lose A friend

a few day ago, i hear a bad thing. my friend is gone. we are not a best friend, we are not meet everyday, we are doesn’t tell about our story each other, but we have a good friendship.
we meet first time when i’m worked part time in coffee corner, the most coffee shop in Malang, and he is legend of barista of coffee corner Surabaya.
since the day we are a friend.
and when i hear he dead, just sad and cry.
i don’t know why i’m crying, he is so funny even he is the most man with many bullying to his friend, but it’s ok. this is his way to getting close with his friends.
he always give me affogato when i’m in to “folks” (this is a new coffee shop that he is team of management). if me meet he always said “putri,kamu dari mana” (putri, where you from?” with his rascal smile. LOL.
as long i remember, he is so funny and full of energy to make his friend laugh
and now..
please rest in peace in heaven.
many friends in here always pray for you.
goodbye Riza hernanda.

which way to be a good wife?


I think , I’m a woman who likes to think . LOL …many problems , oh no , this is not a problem but this is something that needs a solution , because this thing happened after I decided to get married . decided to get married and what should I do after marriage , about my work .
I am a woman who can’t just sit at home , I have a high mobility since I was at university . being a housewife is not wrong , but I want to do something , that could help my husband and some of the activities that I love .I like to have the money I got from my activities . and after marriage I want to do like this .
but the distance is a problem . Now I ‘m working in Surabaya , East Java . and he lived and worked in Boyolali , Central Java . and our hometown is Madiun East Java . Madison closer to the Surabaya Boyolali so the options are :

Still working on Surabay that means , we have a range of wedding .

I returned to madiun , began to look for a new job .

I returned to madiun and start a new business .

Being a housewife in Boyolali .

I love him and I want to always stay beside him , but I know , what we need in life is steadily increasing . My fiance salary not a little but not too much , but if we are in the same income would really be better ? .all this is only for the better . and to be honest I would rather open a shop and sell something that I like , that is a bag . but everything had to be considered more mature .

I want to be a dutiful wife for my  husband and a good mother to my children later .
just that.